Today's expanding availability of ground and space based Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) measurements, e.g. from GPS and GALILEO, lead to a unique combination of opportunities for continuously sounding the electron density structure of the ionosphere-plasmasphere system, prompting the idea of establishing a corresponding monitoring network. Such a monitoring system shall network and integrate all ionospheric monitoring services which already exist or are planned to be established by institutions in different European countries. The purpose of such a system will be to detect, monitor and forecast ionospheric threats in a timely and reliable manner to the wider European user community. Since ionospheric weather is embedded in the overall space weather conditions, comprehensive space weather information, e.g. concerning solar radiation, solar wind, magnetospheric and geomagnetic state must be included in the information and data system.

Current European GPS station network usable for IPDM (map by: http://www.planiglobe.com)